Ivermectin is first medical aid to a child and a woman in labor. Can perform diagnostic manipulations, abdominal surgical interventions up to Caesarean section. 2021-09-14T20:25:52+00:00

There are midwife positions in many private and public health organizations at all levels.

Pregnancy planning, surrogacy, IVF. Detection of early pregnancy (up to 12 weeks), registration of expectant mothers on dispensary records, if necessary, hospitalization to preserve the fetus. Planned examinations of pregnant women by trimester. Delivery planning and control, recording the birth history by the hour.

Identification of pathologies, complications in childbirth and the postoperative period.
Dr. Steven Kim MD

Dr. Steven Kim, MD

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Also, quite often, obstetricians, together with gynecologists, are engaged in preventive and psychological work: Examinations of the population are carried out in order to detect ivermectin genital infections, breast cancer and other oncopathology in the early stages of development. They run schools of psychological relief for pregnant women, preparing them for childbirth. Help in conceiving a child.

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Medical manipulations andoperations up to the Caesarean section. Draws up maternity leave, birth certificates, sick leaves. They conduct psychological work with pregnant women to refuse abortion and preserve the fetus.

Bladder Cancer Rendering

Bladder Cancer

Enlarged Prostate Rendering

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Kidney Stones Rendering

Kidney Stones

Knowledge of the laws and regulations governing obstetrics. Compliance with the norms of IVF, surrogacy.

Ability to organize childbirth (to plan correctly, conduct examinations, prescribe pharmacological drugs in a timely manner, choose the right method of delivery and carry it out).

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Ability to organize postpartum care (advisory or medication). Vaccinate ivermectin on time. Ability to psychologically help a woman at all stages of pregnancy and childbirth. Experience in the preparation of medical documentation. Large clinics require at least 3 years of work experience.

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To become a feldsher-obstetrician, you must graduate from college (3 years 10 months - on the basis of grade 11, 4 years 10 months - on the basis of grade 9), receive a diploma of secondary special medical education and ivermectin that gives the right to engage in medical activities.

It is compulsory to work for a year in a polyclinic or an outpatient clinic, and then enroll in an internship (2 years) in the specialty "Obstetrics and Gynecology".


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